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Mixed case - gallons

Mix and match gallons to make a whole case (4), 3/4 case (3) or 1/2 case (2). This option will saves on shipping costs.

Mixed case - 8oz bottles

Mix and match 8 oz bottles to make a whole case (12), half case (6) or 1/3 case (3). This option saves on shipping costs.

BBQ Sauce

Classic BBQ flavor with a little bite. The special blend of spices is what makes this such a unique sauce.

Cajun Sauce

This great tasting sauce is a twist of our famous barbeque with a little extra heat. Fresh spices make this a flavor that is sure to please.

Garlic Sauce

Garlic, garlic and more garlic! This sauce is loaded with rich garlic flavor and has a taste that nothing else even comes close too! One of our best selling sauces.

Honey Mustard Sauce

A blend of our unique honey lemon sauce with our house mustard. If you like honey mustard, be sure to try this one!

Kamakaze Sauce

~Caliente~ This spicy sauce will leave your mouth watering!It is packed full of unique spices that make this a real hot treat!

Nuclear Sauce

Do you even need to ask? If not, maybe you should! Are you really man/woman enough for this one? This sauce is what bets are made of here at Alliger's House of Wings! The name speaks for itself so try it if you dare!

Singapore Sauce

Oriental flavoring with a little bit of bite. Excellent flavor.

Southern Sauce

Tangy hot sauce (medium heat) with many unique spices. This sauce is sure to please!

Hot Sauce

A hot sauce with just enough heat for most people. If you visit the restaurant, we call this sauce Sicillian.

Cayenne Pepper Sauce


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